L&B Jam & Spread Trio

Apicius, a surname of several renowned gastronomers, most notably M. Gabuis Apicius lived in 1st century Rome. Apicius was known for his good table and his contribution to the earliest cookbook “Of Culinary Matters.” One of his contributions was the art of preserving fruit. Recipes have changed, but 20 centuries later his contributions are eaten at breakfast tables across the globe. Our jams are jarred in reusable glassware. When empty, wash, and re-use.


  • Raspberry Spread 10 oz
  • Strawberry Jam 11 oz
  • Cherry Jam 11 oz

Suggested uses:

  • Put equal amounts of jam and water in a medium saucepan. Simmer and reduce to use as a glaze for meats, poultry, or root vegetables.
  • Add to thumbprint cookies. One cookie. Three flavors.
  • Top over warm buttermilk pound cake.

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There are occasions when we are out of stock on certain items. If that occurs, comparable substitutes are made.  

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